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Download Lucky Patcher Apk

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In recent times, breaking and cracking apps have become an extensive practice on Android gadgets which has been a tragic experience toward freemium models to put stop to the unsustainable levels of privacy. In manipulating apps, the lucky Patcher Apk has made it possible for the majority of rooted android devices to customize apps based on an individual comfort.

Lucky Patcher app is an Android tool that is designed for cracking purposes and changing android apps permission, gets free in-app purchases on games and apps, block ads and increases user’s accessibility to paid for apps even on non-rooted device.

A lot of games and application are becoming famous among Android owners. Owing to this large number of users, app and game developers keep on creating and launching new games and apps continuously. For this developers to maximize their profit on apps and games, they developed them in such a way that most of the resources to progress are locked and could only be opened either by collecting coins, gems, through in-app purchases or by completing various missions. This could be excessively tasking and time consuming for android users.

To remedy this annoying situation, the Lucky Patcher App came as a means of cracking these games and apps for the comfort and optimal use of android users. This app also blocks ads, helps to get free in-app purchases and changes permission on android apps. The lucky patcher app is readily available on Google which will redirect you back to the official site of lucky Patcher for download.

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The Lucky Patcher application is represented with the symbol of a yellow smiley in a square shape.

App name Lucky Patcher
Latest Version 7.4.3
Developer Chelpus
Size 4.60mb
Latest release date September 11, 2018
Download Link http://ursharedfiles.com
Rating 4.8
Total download 700Million+
Requirement Android 2.3+

To use Lucky Patcher, the Android device have to be rooted using either of kingRoot or TowelRoot (these two are easy for rooting android phone even when the user is not versed in the subject.

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This app is also very unique in using a colour code on titles to indicate the compatibility of the tool in doing specific operations.

  • Blue: includes Google ads
  • Yellow: has a specific available patch
  • Orange: indicates a system app
  • Green: app could be registered and disconnected from Google Play
  • Purple: shows a system startup app
  • Red: indicates app could not be modified.

How to use lucky patcher


This App works effectively on rooted android phones. Although it works on some non-rooted phones, so to enjoy this app,  it is better you root your phone with recommended apps like the KingRoot Apk or TowelRoot Apk.

  1. It applies Custom Patch to get the full version of apps and some special features.
  2. It removes license verification from paid apps.
  3. It removes or blocks ads from free apps: the majority of Android users get irritated because of irrelevant ads that pop up every time they are playing games or using an app. With the help of the Lucky patcher app, yhe problem of ads pop up will be history.
  4. Get free in-app purchases in Android apps and games for user’s ease and enjoyment: sometimes gems or coin collection are required to progress in some games or use of some apps. The amount of these gems could be so much that an Android user could be asked to purchase them. But with the use of lucky patcher, the app could be cracked and manipulated to get those gems without a penny.
  5. Install modded play store.


That little smiley face has a ton of uses. Here’s some of them.

  • It is the best app that allows you to control installed apps on your android phone.
  • Lucky patcher removes the license check in premium apps
  • Lucky Patcher is the best app which gives you the list of all the apps on your phone.
  • You can delete, uninstall or delete the excessive information or data saved in it
  • With this app, you can view the full information about any app and make necessary changes in it.
  • It removes ads in special applications
  • This app can help you backup apps to restore them later if something goes wrong while you are booting patch an application.
  • It has a colour code which makes it easy to use. Each colour indicates different operations and functions.


The functions of the lucky patcher app on android range from its ability to manipulate apps to remove Google ads, remove license verification, change permission, install custom patches and create custom APK files. To use this app, you must have rooted your device.

  1. To remove Google ads:

  • Open the lucky patcher app and check the list of all apps installed on your Android device.
  • Tap on the app you want to remove Google ads from
  • Then, tap open menu of patches. Then a list of different patches that could be applied to the app would be displayed.
  • Select the remove Google ads option
  • Tap apply and wait for the patching to start. This process may take a few minutes to be completed.
  • If the patching works, success info will be displayed on your screen. Then tap ok to complete the task and you are free from Google ad disturbances.
  • There’s a separate post on how you can block any kind of ads on your browser as well if you want to read.
  1. To remove license verification

  • Open the lucky Patcher app, after which all apps on the device will be displayed.
  • Tap the app you would like to remove the license verification form. A menu of different options will be displayed.
  • Then tap open menu of the patches; a list of patches that can be applied to the application would be displayed.
  • You can then click on “remove license verification“, you will see a menu of different patches for removing the license verification.
  • Tap the checkbox displayed to select the patch you want to use
  • Tap on apply to start patching the app which may take a few minutes before removing the license verification.
  • After the patching, a success screen with results will be displayed and you will be asked to tap “ok“.
  1. Change app’s permissions

  • Open the lucky Patcher app, after which all apps on the device will be displayed.
  • Tap on the app that you would like to change its permission
  • Tap on the open menu of the patches and the list of patches that could be applied to the app is displayed.
  • Click on change Permissions, then a list of permissions applying to the app will show up
  • Then tap on individual permissions,  if the permission text is red, it will be disabled, but if the permission is green,  then it will be enabled
  • Click on apply and the app will reboot with changed permissions.
  1. Apply custom patches

  • open the lucky patcher app and check the list of all apps installed on your android device
  • Tap on the app you would like to apply a customised patch.
  • Tap open menu of patches, a list of patches that could be applied to the app will be shown
  • Click on the custom patch. A menu od custom patches will be displayed and you will be asked to apply any suitable patch that you desire even if it is only one that is available.
  • To download the latest custom patches, click on “⋮” at the upper-right corner of your screen, then tap “Download custom patches” in the settings menu.
  • Click the custom patch you want to apply,  a pop-up window with a description of what the patch does will be displayed
  • Then tap apply and wait for the response of the operation which may take a few minutes to process.
  • Lastly, tap on “ok”. If the patch works, a success screen with results would be displayed. You can then tap ok to continue.
  1. Create a modified APK file

  • Open the lucky patcher app, after which all apps on the device will be displayed.
  • Tap on the app you want to create a modified APK file for
  • Then,  click on modified APK file
  • Check the list of patches displayed and click on your desired modified APK file
  • Tap on rebuild App, it is the blue button at the bottom of the screen. A modified APK file for the app with the applied patch separated from the original app will be created.
  • Click ok to confirm the creation of the APK.
  • The modified Apk file could be found in the folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/.
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1.  It cannot be used for online games

Lucky patcher only has the capacity to crack and manipulate offline games and apps,. But as for online games, the application cannot hack them because it was not designed to manipulate the database of the game servers.

2. It can corrupt big apps:

Apps of very large size could be corrupted during the process of modification which may lead to the malfunctioning of the application.

3. It is not readily available on the Google Play store for easy download.

You can only download the original version on the lucky patcher official website: http://ursharedfiles.com/i/Lucky-Patcher-Official-7.4.3.apk

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