Just How Many People Playing Minecraft Everyday?

How many people playing minecraft

Today I am going to share with you just how many people playing Minecraft every day. In this post we well we will tackle how it grew from thousand to millions of players every single day.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a block-based, action-adventure game developed by Mojang. The game is created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java Programming language. It is an open-source modification of the classic game called Minecraft, which has been developed in Germany, the United States, Australia, and Sweden.

After they released the paid version of it in 2009. It is now one of the best-selling video games of all time. With over 133 million monthly players globally there is no doubt this is the best online block-based game.

How it is played?

Every player starts at the bottom level and works his way up, while fighting monsters, creatures, and other challenges that will face him throughout his journey. There are various weapons and armor available for purchase as well as crafting, which when used, increase the player’s capabilities. However, some of the blocks are only available by placing them in the correct position. There are also some extraordinary blocks that can be found only by collecting many of them.

Players use mouse or keyboard controls to maneuver the game world. Minecraft blocks have a texture depending on what they are made of and are distinguished by the hues they have. When you look at a block, you will see a red dot that represents that block’s location on the game screen. There are also many items that can be obtained and placed on the block grid – these include beds, furnaces, beds, plates, paintings, and even tools.

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Game Modes

Minecraft game modes
Minecraft game modes

The game features a survival element with its block systems. Resources and food are essential elements in keeping your character alive. Resources are replenished every time you eat or drink. Hunger and thirst are equally important factors that compel the players to seek out means of obtaining more resources.

Minecraft Monthly Players Count

According to ActivePlayer.io there are over 133 million players of this game monthly. With over 7 million are playing daily and almost 1 million are concurrently playing. Here’s a quick chart:

How many people playing minecraft
How many people playing minecraft data from activeplayer.io

How Many People Are Playing Minecraft Live?

To answer this ActivePlayer.io also offers their live player counter of the game. This is really cool to be honest since Minecraft is not releasing any kind of live statistics publicly.

Minecraft live player counter
Minecraft live player counter

They also mentioned that these numbers are only estimated data and should not be used as a factual reference. This is kind of understandable since Minecraft itself is not disclosing any numbers.

Personal Thoughts

Minecraft is highly addictive. It is no doubt this game is racking with its player count there’s no stopping Minecraft anytime in the future. It’s so fun to play especially when the player needs to have the appropriate hand-eye coordination to avoid getting killed.

Not only this, but they must also conserve energy so that they can do other activities such as exploring caves, mining for precious ores, and crafting various items to sell. If a player is killed by a mob, he cannot leave his body to revive him.

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