How to Logout From Facebook Messenger

Easily Logout from Facebook Messenger

Now you noticed it Facebook Messenger App doesn’t have a logout option! Seems like facebook does not want you to get out from their app because according to facebook slogan “get connected” without getting disconnected unless you do not have an internet connection.

But if you are seriously annoyed with the chat notifications that keep on coming from your mobile screen and want to log out from Facebook Messenger app but you cannot find their logout button. We’ll help you with that. Here’s an easy tutorial on how you can get out from Messenger.

Note that this method is for android only 🙂

Method 1: How to Logout from Messenger Steps

  • First, you need to make sure that Messenger App is closed or not running in the background. You can achieve this by going to the Settings>Apps>Messenger> and click on “force stop” and then click on the Recent App button and Close all the applications

How to Logout on Messenger

  • Now go back to Settings>Apps>Messenger and click on “Clear Data” this will clear your data on the app which includes your chat sessions and will disable the app totally.

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger

  • As you can see the image above #2 says “continue as [username]” if click that you will get connected again so unless you click it you will remain offline on messenger.
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You do not need to uninstall Messenger just to get log out from it. Below is another useful method you can try to get rid of annoying messages you get.

Method 2: Turn off Messenger App

  • Go to Messenger and turn off your active status and viola! You are not connected to the world and can sleep peacefully.

Turn Off Messenger App

There are various of ways to logout from facebook messenger you just have to search for it. And you search for facebook messenger how to log out is solved!

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