How to Lock Files and Apps Using Your Fingerprints

How to Fingerprint lock apps and files

Securing your smartphone has never been easier and faster with the help of Biometric Security, specifically Fingerprints Scanner. It eliminates the need to type in your passcodes every time that you wanted to unlock your smartphone.May it be locking or unlocking your phone, opening and signing into your mobile apps, it is really of the most needed feature on today’s smartphone.

Biometric security or fingerprint scanner has also another use for smartphones, it helps you hide your wildest photos or videos or securing your social media apps. No doubt, that this feature is really something you should have if you want to secure private files. Let us see how fingerprint scanners or biometric security works on your smartphone.

Let us have a quick guide on how to check this feature- lock apps and content – on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) offering fingerprint scanner on their devices.

How to Lock/Unlock Apps and Files Using Your Fingerprint

Here’s a list of android mobile device brands that supports locking and unlocking of apps and files using your fingerprint or face unlock method.


OnePlus App locker

BBK Electronics has officially introduced the AppLocker feature on their OnePlus smartphones.

To look for this feature, you have to go to Settings – Utilities – App Locker. You enter your passcode to proceed, and then from there you select the apps you wanted to lock and can only be accessible with your fingerprints. This feature also gives you an option to turn off notification from these apps. There you go! No one will be able to open your apps, except you. Unless other people has the same fingerprint as you do, which is REALLY NOT POSSIBLE!

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Maybe you are asking, yes we can lock app behind your biometric security walls, can we do it on our private files as well? The answer? A very big YES! Most smartphones right now has this feature, for OnePlus, they call it Lockbox.

You can open your saved files by visiting File manager – Categories – Lockbox. For your initial access to this feature, it will ask you to enter your credentials, but as you go along, you should be able to use your fingerprint to access it. So just in case you want to secure some other files and add it to your LockBox, just press and hold the file, then tap on the Three-dot menu – Move to Lockbox.


Oppo AppLock Feature

another BBK Brand to offer fingerprint scanner aside from their OnePlus devices, is Oppo. They just recently added this feature to this device.

To set up this functionality, go to Settings – Fingerprint, face and passcode -Privacy passcode.  One you click on the very last option, you will find Turn on privacy passcode. Tap it, set your personal code, then verify it, and then you will have to select a security question for retrieving the code just in case your forget it. Putting your email address will give your more assurance in this case.

Once everything is complete, you should be able to access both your file safe and fingerprint app lock options, just go to Settings – Security – App lock/private safe. Then you can tap the app lock options to select which apps would require your fingerprint and you can tap on the file safe option to get your private files. Awesome!

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Vivo In-display Fingerprint Lock
VIVO In-display Fingerprint Lock

A year ago, Vivo shook the tech world, when they introduce smartphones with an in-screen fingerprint sensor. You guessed it right! If Oppo and OnePlus, of course this smartphone can.

To enable this functionality, go to Settings – Fingerprint, face and password – Privacy and app encryption. And because they are all made by BBK Electronics- with Oppo and OnePlus, their How-To system almost work the same way. If it is your first time to access this feature you will be required to enter your password. Once you have your password set up, you will be taken in to a screen that display the lists of the apps, each will give you option to enable or disable access through fingerprint.

As to hiding private files, just go to file manager – File safe or Settings – Security and privacy – File safe box. You will undergo some authentication using the credentials you have already set up, and then you are good to go. And since you want security, you will select fingerprint feature to open this app in the future. Add files on the folder by pressing and holding the file and the tap more – move to the file safe, or remove files by going to the file safe, press and hold the file and select delete or remove.


Huawei fingerprint lock app and files
Huawei fingerprint lock app and files

After the released of Huawei P30 Pro. This smartphones’ manufacturer was the first to think that we can actually have added security on our phones by using fingerprints.

To activate this functionality, go to Settings – Security and privacy -Fingerprint ID. Once you have it activated, you can go to Settings – Security and privacy – App lock, when done, just basically select apps you want to lock using your fingerprints.

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Samsung Fingerprint lock apps and files

A more detailed security- that is what Samsung promises to their smartphone users. Not only they help you secure your apps and private files using fingerprint lock, they have Samsung Cloud, which serves as your back up in case you lost your data. That’s taking security to the next level. The reason why, to activate the fingerprint lock on their Security File, you have to have a Samsung Account.

Now given that you have Samsung Account already, you are good to go to set up your fingerprint lock. To enable it, go to Settings – Lock screen and security – Secure Folder. Note, if you don’t have a Samsung account prior to enabling this feature, it prompt to create one.

When you are logged in to your Samsung account, it will let you now choose an option on how would you like to access your Secure Folder, may it be through fingerprint or iris scanner.

Truly our privacy is very important, so luckily, phone manufacturer had these added security on their devices, for our security and protection. Specially, smartphones are the most common kind of personal thing we all have.

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