How to Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere

get free wifi anywhere

get free wifi anywhere

Wi-Fi is simply the most practical and useful thing ever invented on planet Earth; especially if you can’t afford a good Internet plan subscription. Okay, I over exaggerated on that one but you get the point. Staying online is what all the “fuss” these days. To be honest with you sends SMS is kind of outdated; people don’t text that way anymore, we just expect the message on Facebook or Instagram.

Well, all of those new messaging methods require Internet, so here you are, searching for a way to have free Wi-Fi wherever you go.

I don’t need to waste words on explaining how Wi-Fi can even save our lives.

So, without further ado, these methods will help you to always be “connected”.

Of course, there’s no exact method on how you can get free wifi anywhere you are since wifi is not like a DATA plan where the Network coverage is very wide. This time you will heavily rely on the establishments that offer Free Wifi and do some geeky tricks to access secured WIFI networks.

Getting Free Wi-Fi Tricks

1.     Check for Hotels

These days, many companies and businesses, even the big ones like McDonald’s, offer their customers free Wi-Fi. Some hotels or stores have set their Wi-Fi password, however, they rarely change it. All that you need to do in that case is simply use what they are offering once (for an example, if it is a coffee shop go for a cup of coffee) and ask them for their password. They will give it to you no questions asked.

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When it comes to the first option, the businesses that offer you free Wi-Fi, just memorize their names and their locations so that you know where to go when your time of need arrives.

2.     Hotspot Database

You can use something like WeFi and search for Wi-Fi hotspots in your area. This will definitely make your search easier and it will definitely make you always connected.

3.     Find Hidden Networks

Sometimes, some of the networks that actually may be available, aren’t shown on the hotspot map. In order to make sure that you have researched your area thoroughly, you have to check for the hidden networks.

The way to do so is by using apps like NetStumbler, Hotspotr etc.

There are many good apps that will do the trick and they are pretty easy to find.

4.     Find Loyalty Programs

There is some business that actually wants to make a deal with you. Here’s the thing; they will be offering you free Wi-Fi if you join their loyalty program. When you think of it, it isn’t actually a bad idea since most of these programs are free.

These companies want to raise their popularity and they found a way in offering people free Wi-Fi. Find yourself a good loyalty program and you will be set up with never-ending Wireless.

5.     Check for Coupons

Some sites and stores offer you their coupons when you purchase their products. You can use these coupons and vouchers whenever you are in need of a stable Wireless connection.

So, what you should do is conduct a search of your own and check for sites and stores that are practicing this type of thing.

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6.     Tether your Phone

If you are an iPhone or Android user there is a nice way that will make sure your phone is always connected to a Wi-Fi; your home’s Wi-Fi!

The process, however, is a little bit complicated. Basically, the idea is to tether your 3G or 4G connection to your personal computer. There are many apps that you can find to do so, but, and this is huge but, you have to prepare your phone before you do anything.

Android users have to root their phones first and iPhone users have to jailbreak their phone. These processes aren’t that easy to do, however, you can always seek a professional’s help.

  1. Government Free Internet Access

In this day of age, Government offers FREE public WIFI access for the people. There are already almost 50 countries doing this. There’s a catch though, you are only limited with the bandwidth you are going to use and download limit. But, overall this is already a great help like say if you are only going to check your facebook notification and emails.

  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Some States in the United States
  • Philippines
  • Most of Europe

Offers free public wifi access.

The Final Verdict

That would be it when it comes to this article. Simply go through these methods one by one, and check them out. You will soon realize that staying always connected to a Wireless connection is more of a skill than anything else.

Eventually, you will get a hang of it and even develop your own methods. Until that day arrives to take a look at one of these six methods and test them. You will be surfing the Internet in no time!

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Well, I hope I have helped you in your goal. Happy browsing!

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