Here’s Some Cool Command Prompt Codes Fun to Know

Cool Command Prompt Codes
Cool Command Prompt Codes
Cool Command Prompt Codes

Watch Startwars in Command Prompt

While reading comments on the Internet, we can usually find that many people talk about what Command Prompt is for, how to use it, if it is really useful or not, and more. That is why we invite you to read the following article, which will be useful to you. It’s a sure thing that after reading this out, you would like to continue exploring Command Prompt. This article, talks about basic computer tricks related to command prompt that helps to realize how useful it is.

Many times the result we get from executing a command in the is too big. Either we get lost or we just can’t see all the results. Let’s check out some effective tips to use command prompt in a better way.

Use Ctrl + C to abort / cancel a command

Control C to End Command Prompt Process
Type CTRL + C to end or abort running process in command prompt

We may execute a command which is cyclic or defined as undefined (continuous), for example, ping –t.  In this, the -t specifies that it does not interrupt the ping until the user stops or cancels it (Ctrl + C).

Note: This does not undo the changes as file names per group ( Example: Renaming files in batches). If it is canceled, it will be partially formatted.

Get Help from Any Command

Show to use a command code and its variables
Show to use a command code and its variables

To obtain this we must write the command and then write /? examples: ping /? or dir /?

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ping /? 
mkdir /?
Remember just add /? right after a command code.

In the command line, we can obtain a list of the options that we have to execute with a certain command and the nomenclature that must be followed. For example, for the Ping command, we can also get help if we put the help command before the command, examples: help ping or help dir.

Show Contents of A Drive or Folder

With this, we can obtain the result of a dir / a in a file called resultados.txt. We would have to write the following:


dir / a> result.txt

We could open that same file with the Notepad and see the result in a way that is almost identical to what we can see in the console. We can also edit it or simply search between the lines.

Another alternative is to use the CLIP.EXE command that is integrated in Windows 2003. You can download it  free and copy it into the Windows folder. This allows us to send the result of any command to the clipboard through a pipe (|).

Based on the previous example the thing would look like this:

dir / a | clip

Navigate Through Folder or Directory Using Command Prompt

Navigate through drives and folders using cmd
Navigate through drives and folders using cmd

To navigate the folders, we must use the cd (Change Directory) command.


cd downloads //if you want to go to DOWNLOADS folder.
cd windows/system32 //if you want to go to system32 folder.
cd .. //if you want to go back to previous folder.
D //if you want to go to drive D. Just type directly the drive letter.

If we want to see the Windows directory, we need to type cd C: \ Windows and press Enter.  So, for any directory that we want, if we don’t know the route, we can search it first in the file browser windows and copy the path of this. For example, file Explorer. Now having the route we can copy and paste in the command line.

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Watch Starwars Command Prompt

Yes, you can watch Starwars using the command prompt! All you need to do is to apply the following steps.


Before you start you need to install TELNET first otherwise you will get an error stating “TELNET is not recognized command” to do this follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click the “Turn Windows Features on or off” in the left upper part.
  • Search for the TELNET and check it
  • Click “OK” and wait for the process to finish.
Install TELNET Windows 10
Install TELNET feature in Windows 10
  • Now go back to command prompt
  • Now enter in uppercase “TELNET TOWEL.BLINKENLIGHTS.NL” and press enter to enjoy Starwars in command prompt.
How to watch StarWars Intro using Command Prompt
How to watch StarWars using Command Prompt in Windows 10
How to watch StarWars using Command Prompt in Windows 10
How to watch StarWars using Command Prompt in Windows 10

Using Function Keys In Command Prompt

  • F1: Paste the last command executed character by character (Example: with ping, to paste it fully we must press F1 15 times).
  • F2: Paste the last command executed until the desired character (Example: with ping, press F2. It will ask us to enter a character if we put the e, it hit us to ping Google). 
  • F3: Paste the last command executed (Complete)
  • F4: Delete the current command.
  • F5: Paste the recently executed commands from start to finish without repeating (No Cycle).
  • F6: Paste ^ Z
  • F7: Shows a list of the commands that are executed to select.
  • F8: Paste the recently executed commands from start to the end repeating these (Cycle).
  • F9: Ask for the command number of the list that is displayed when we press F7.

Hope this helps! Now use Command prompt with more efficiency following these easy steps.                                

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