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Adblocker Apps for Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox (Android Included)

Let’s face it – many of us earn our livelihood on the Internet and ads can be a serious distraction to that. It can lead to unwarranted time-killing and out-of-the-way expenses too. Even if the ad is convenient and about something that you were actually looking for, there is no excuse for pushing work-hours into personal shopping. Blocking ads is a simple and convenient option of filtering out ads from all kinds of content on the Web. And for the most part, blocking ads is a free exercise. We will show to you how to block advertisements on android and stop ads on google chrome, safari and Mozilla firefox.

There are simple extensions that can block ads on browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If space permits, I shall also tell you about some cool ad blockers for Android too. Here is the list.

Top 3 Ad Blockers for Chrome

  1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

The Chrome browser from Google is already quite spiffy, but do you know what would make it even faster? A good adblock. And one of the best, without a doubt, is Adblock Plus. This extension can be installed quickly without any hiccups, and the advantages are immediately noticeable. Whenever you open a website that’s heavy on the ads, Adblock Plus prevents them from showing up, allowing pages to display a lot faster. What’s more, the extension keeps track of how many ads are being blocked! Another major feature that makes Adblock Plus one of the best ad blocks for Chrome is its extreme reconfigurability. You can prevent the extension from running on specific web pages or you can change the rules as per your requirements – you’ll find the right tools in the Options dialog.

  1. AdBlock


They might share similar-sounding names, but AdBlock bears no relation to the abovementioned Adblock Plus. However, it is still highly effective when it comes to blocking different advertisements. This extension uses various sets of filter lists to automatically prevent ad content from opening up. The program blocks content coming from known providers and servers of ads. You can either stick to the default block list, or sign up for additional ones. It’s even possible to form your own and whitelist all your favorite websites.

  1. Ghostery


The name Ghostery might seem a little odd for an adblocker, but once you see what this little program can do, there’ll be no doubt left in your mind that it’s the perfect fit. After all, Ghostery is responsible for sending all advertisements to the grave. The program fends off more trackers than any other company and has a database consisting of over 2,000 trackers. You get to pick the companies you wish to block using Ghostery. The app even helps you make an informed decision by giving you a profile on each tracker.

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Top 3 Ad Blockers for Safari

  1. AdFender

Adefender - Adblocker


This adblocking software runs alongside your regular Safari web browser and enables you to increase the speed of your Internet browsing experience. Moreover, it allows you to save your bandwidth by blocking anything from video advertisements to banner ads, floating ads to pop-ups. This is a very useful tool if you wish to block any annoying or suspicious-looking ads on your browser. It also protects your system from malvertisements. No longer do you have to worry about attacks from invisible trackers – you can browse anonymously and experience the Internet in a more secure, quicker, and private manner.

  1. Ad Muncher

AdMuncher - Adblocker for Safari

Ad Muncher is widely renowned among Internet users for being one of the most powerful ad blockers available in the market right now. So confident are the developers in this program’s capabilities that they will pay $30 to anyone who is unsatisfied with the performance of the app at the end of the 30-day free trial period. But we don’t think it will come to that as Ad Muncher excels at preventing 98 percent of banners, text ads, pop-ups, Flash, and floating ads. It features numerous other features as well, with one of the most noteworthy ones being any anonymous proxy server to safeguard your digital identity.

  1. Adguard

AdGuard - Adblocker for Safari

Safari is the default Apple browser for iOS and Mac users, which means it is widely used. Thus, this browser is a magnet for advertisements that often hamper your online experience. However, Adguard is a free extension that protects against ads and blocks any pop-ups. You get additional protection against phishing and malware websites. The extension can easily block separate elements of the ad and you can decide which ones to display. The settings allow you to prevent or show contextual advertising that might prove to you and create your own website whitelist.

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Top 3 Ad Blockers for Firefox

  1. uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin - Adblocker for Mozilla Firefox


This is a browser extension for the Firefox platform that prevents third-party ads from opening up. uBlock Origin also effectively blocks any malware sites and trackers. One of the reasons why it is so popular among Firefox users is because it allows you to pick and choose which advertisements you want to block in certain Web addresses. When you open a certain link that contains a lot of ads, all you have to do is click the power button icon on the top right of the page; the ads will disappear instantly, providing a smoother browsing experience. The extension also offers statistics on the number of requests blocked per site or since installation.

  1. No Script

No Script - Ad blocker for mozilla FireFox

Most of those pesky ads that you encounter while browsing the Internet are served by JavaScript. So, instead of blocking the ad, why not attack the problem at its source? That is exactly what No Script does. While it is not an Adblock per se, this free extension for Firefox does have thorough ad-blocking capabilities, and it blocks Java and Flash banners, along with any pop-ups and other JavaScript elements.

  1. NoAds

No Ads - Ad blocker for Mozilla Firefox

When you install NoAds on your Firefox browser, it automatically prevents any popup web advertisements from ruining a smooth online experience. This program is completely configurable, which means you can choose the popups that get stopped automatically. One of the reasons why users love this Adblock is its simplicity – you will understand the controls quickly and control NoAds as per your requirement. Moreover, it is completely unobtrusive unlike other adblocks, preferring to stay hidden out of sight in the system tray.

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AdBlockers for Android

You might be asking how to remove ads on android apps/games you may try the following apps and see how it goes per experience. However, did you know that having ads enabled will benefit the developer by making money through their hard work? You’re still free to block them though.


Brave - Ad blocker for Android

Brave is a speedy and secure adblocking browser with a built-in Adblock that prevents advertisements from invading the privacy of users and slowing down their online experience.


Adblock Plus Mobile:

AdBlock Plus for Android

Adblock Plus Mobile provides Android users with a Firefox-based browser that automatically stops incoming ads from affecting your phone.


AppBrain Ad Detector:

AppBrain Ad Detector - ad blocker for android

Both experts and rookies can use this program to prevent push notifications and spam ads while checking for harmful application networks.


Free Adblocker Browser:

Free Adblocker Browser - ad blocker for android

This app kills any ads that come your way on the Web along with pop-ups and specialty ads like banners and video ads.


So there you have it – all the best adblocks on the Internet in one place for your convenience. You can choose whichever you think will fit your requirements and be compatible with your system. Now get ready for a happy, ad-free browsing experience!

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