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ShowBox for AndroidDownload Showbox Movie App Apk  – Browse a Thousand Hours of Addictive Content

There are quite a few services that offer you online streaming for shows and movies But most of the purportedly free streaming websites:

  1. Do not offer free streaming, and
  2. Hide some big time surprises

So more often than not, your free streaming plans with some of the big names out there never make it out of the planning stage. Not anymore! Showbox is a unique platform where you can get your favorite movies, shows and debates streamed flawlessly. Here is all you need to know.

What is Showbox?

2017 is the year of big movie releases. We have already seen some of the best movies across genres in the first half of the year. And there are plenty more that have lined up on our subscription list. No what if we told you there is one app that can get you the best of the best movies and shows straight on your device? Hard to believe, but it is true. Showbox is that app. It streams all great movies and shows for free. You do not even have to register any of your cards for that.

Imagine you walk into a pub to catch a glimpse of a much anticipated episode of Game of Thrones. And for the love of controversy, the owner of the pub pulls out at the last minute. You are a regular at the place, which in turn is a regular player of Game of Thrones. So you do not have an active service connection with the likes of Netflix. What do you do? Simple, you pull out your mobile device. Download Showbox on the go. And that’s it. Game of Thrones is on.

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What can you do with Showbox?

A lot! It is not just this or that. It is the other thing. Showbox does the following without a hitch:

  1. Stream movies and shows online

How’s that for a free service. Showbox streams some of the best shows and movies for hour after hour, without complains. All you need to do is make sure you type in the names correctly.

  1. Make a playlist of your favorites

Got a few favorite shows that you want to play one after the other? Showbox got you. It plays all your favorite content in succession and gives you very little space to worry about.

  1. On-demand services

If there is something that you need and is not on offer currently, you can write to the super-responsive Showbox customer service team.

  1. Customized suggestions

Showbox tracks your movements inside the app and offers suggestions that match your speed. How cool is that?

  1. Personalized home screen

You can make the home screen look just the way you want, with the shows of your preference pushed higher up for greater visibility.

Advantages of Showbox

  • Streams your favorite blockbusters
  • And the most addictive shows
  • No bills
  • No frills
  • Breezy interface
  • Simple to use
  • Friendly on phone memory
  • Does not eat up battery charge

Disadvantages of Showbox

  • Insanely addictive
  • Free version has ads
  • Makes other apps on phone seem useless
  • Pop-up notifications are allowed on free version

Download Link

Download from Showbox Official Website Link 

Be careful downloading from foreign websites. It may contain sneaky codes that may harm your mobile device.

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