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Cracking applications have become extremely common on the Android platform nowadays. Unfortunately, this trend has prompted some negative reactions from the online community, resulting in a sad exodus towards Freemium models. The purpose has been to check the rampant spread of piracy, which poses a major hazard right now. In this sort of a scenario, Lucky Patcher APK free download no root comes as a breath of fresh air.

While this tool was not explicitly developed for the purpose of cracking, certain features are made available to users when they download Lucky Patcher full version. These features let you easily manipulate android apps and games, which despite not being entirely legal, gives you the opportunity to perform specific operations. This might not seem like a great deal, but they actually come in handy during certain situations. Lucky Patcher is so powerful that it allows you to forego the limitations of an app and conduct several operations that are both surprising and useful.

Download Links and Installation

(Note that the download link is shorten. Just click on the Skip Ad to continue to the download page)

All you need to do is ensure that the associated permissions are allowed.

Make sure you checked the “Install from Unknown sources” settings under security tab just like the image below.

Install from Unknown Sources


There are not many requirements when it comes to downloading and using the Lucky Patcher tool.

  • You need is a rooted device. If you haven’t rooted your device yet, it’s an extremely simple procedure follow this guide to root your device easily.
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Lucky Patcher Features:

At the same time, you can perform other illicit actions, such as

  • Removing any ads featured by Google on the app
  • Unlocking an app that usually requires payment to do so.
  • Verified Buyer of the app
  • Get unlimited game resources

Using Lucky Patcher:

After the installation. Open lucky patcher there are few notes to remember to successfully hack an android game using Lucky Patcher. As soon as you install and run this program, you will see a list of all the apps on your device as well as the actions available to you. There is a great color coding method that indicates what operations are compatible with the tool.

  • Green indicates that it can be registered and disconnected directly from the Google Play Store.
  • Yellow means there is a specific patch available.
  • Blue signals the inclusion of Google Ads while
  • Purple means a system startup app.
  • Orange color indicates a system app
  • Red means that no modification is possible.

How to use Lucky Patcher

You can download the tool from the Lucky Patcher website or Uptodown. However, if you require Lucky Patcher iOS, you can use a different site.

  • Now simply click on the “Open menu of lucky patches”.
    Select the “Create Modified APK”.
  • After all these steps just select the “Support patch for LVL emulation” and “Support patch for the App emulation”.
  • Tap on the “Rebuild the App” button at the bottom to begin the creating the patched/modified apk file. This will take extra few minutes to finish
  • When the rebuild is completed then tap on ok and just exit.
  • Install the modified app if you want.
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While a few of the mentioned operations are entirely illegal, you can find uses for others in your regular usage. For example, an app, when connected to Google Play, is quite difficult to install via an external source. You are forced to go through the official Android Store for each small action, which not a lot of users are a fan of. But, extracting apps and removing the permissions give you the chance to run these apps on devices that are marked incompatible. You also get a chance to experience an app free from those pesky ads, or transfer an app between your tablet and smartphone despite the program not being compatible on either platform.

All this is just a small part of what Lucky Patcher is capable of doing. The tool itself is a storehouse of information, allowing you to access lots of information on different kinds of apps along with their descriptions and required permissions. You even get to know whether a particular app is original or has been modified before, which makes Lucky Patcher a great tool for determining the trustworthiness of a specific program.

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