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How to Transfer Files Via Wi-Fi Across Your PC, Mobile or Tablet

Transfer Files via Wifi

Easily Transfer Files From Mobile, Tablet, to PC and Vice Versa Easily using your WIFI! No cable transfer is a God-given technology! There are lots of users who are confused about the right method to use for transferring their files back and forth between different devices, such as their PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. However, there are a number of different ways to achieve this. But none of them are quite as versatile and convenient as using a browser

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[Download] ShowBox Movie App Apk – LATEST VERSION

ShowBox for Android

Download Showbox Movie App Apk  – Browse a Thousand Hours of Addictive Content There are quite a few services that offer you online streaming for shows and movies But most of the purportedly free streaming websites: Do not offer free streaming, and Hide some big time surprises So more often than not, your free streaming plans with some of the big names out there never make it out of the planning stage. Not anymore! Showbox is a unique platform where

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10 Surefire Ways to View Blocked Sites Online

View blocked sites online

Easy Ways to View Blocked Sites Online It is never a good thing to see your favorite websites blocked or banned. To add more fire to it, governments have now started censoring more than ever before. In this article, we tell you o really simple ways in which you can bypass website bans. Below are simply to expert ways to get through blocked websites from your country, office, or even school. Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) Effectivity: 10 out of

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Tutorial : How to Root Android Phone without PC

Root android phone no pc

How to Root Android Phone or Tablet Without Computer Previously, we have shared to you a method on how you can root your android phone using a desktop PC. Today, we are going to share you the opposite, on this tutorial you learn how to root your android phone without using desktop PC. Using the KingRoot App to Root We are still going to use KingRoot but for Android app. Currently, this is the easiest method to root an android device. So,

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Tutorial: How to Root any Android Mobile – Tab and Phone

How to Root Android Phone or Tablet

A Detailed Tutorial Guide on How to Root Android Mobile and Tablet How to root android This is a common term you’ll hear among Android enthusiasts. But to the uninitiated, rooting a device remains a mystery more or less. What is it, and when do we need to root our devices? Well, the answer can be summed up in one word – control. Why Root your Android Phone? Rooting provides access to advanced phone features, like the following: Replacing the

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How to Watch/Download Movies on Android Phone

Watch Movies using Android Phone

Watch Your Favorite Movies using your Android Mobile! Yep, you can do that easily with the use of some movie streaming application that you cannot find on google play store of course well, it’s kind of illegal to stream movies without actually paying for it. But, today I will be guiding you on how you can watch or download movies using your android phone of course without spending a single dime and you will now stop asking: how can i watch

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Download Lucky Patcher Apk – LATEST UPDATE

Lucky Patcher Apk

Get the latest Lucky Patcher APK here Cracking applications have become extremely common on the Android platform nowadays. Unfortunately, this trend has prompted some negative reactions from the online community, resulting in a sad exodus towards Freemium models. The purpose has been to check the rampant spread of piracy, which poses a major hazard right now. In this sort of a scenario, Lucky Patcher APK free download no root comes as a breath of fresh air. While this tool was

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What is SEO?

What is SEO

What Exactly is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking a particular website with their respective keywords on search engines such as Google. Ranking means getting on the top of the result using the key term entered by the user. For example, a user searched for “How to lose weight” on google search box. Hit enter and got results. You will notice websites on the first page of the results to be more related to your

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Download Game Killer Apk Full Version No Root

Game Killer Apk No Root

Get latest Game Killer Apk Game killer is an android app that enables you to cheat android games resources such as gold, coins, diamonds, gems almost everything precious on the game that requires you to spend money to get. Game killer will hack those for you and will even give it to you UNLIMITED! Game Killer was developed by to get the latest version of the apk file simply visit the website and hover on the download page. They also added a

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How to Logout From Facebook Messenger

Easily Logout from Facebook Messenger Now you noticed it Facebook Messenger App doesn’t have a logout option! Seems like facebook does not want you to get out from their app because according to facebook slogan “get connected” without getting disconnected unless you do not have an internet connection. But if you are seriously annoyed with the chat notifications that keep on coming from your mobile screen and want to log out from Facebook Messenger app but you cannot find their logout

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